The Most Complete APFS Solution

No other single solution gives you full access to APFS and HFS+ disks in Windows PCs. MacDrive pioneered the ability to share Mac disks with Windows and continues to build on that tradition with the most robust APFS solution available.

MacDrive gives you full support for APFS disks, including features not found in any software.

MacDrive 11 Pro APFS Features

Read and write

MacDrive 11 Pro is the only solution that provides full read-and-write support for APFS volumes–even if the volume has duplicated files or has been backed up by Time Machine.

Multi-volume disks

APFS allows you to create multiple volumes in a single partition, and share free space between volumes. Only MacDrive lets you effortlessly switch between volumes to access all of your data.


Don’t have a Mac, but want to share files with someone that does? MacDrive lets you create APFS and HFS+ volumes right on your PC.

Crash Protection

MacDrive 11 provides unique data protection. Unlike other solutions, if your APFS disk is unexpectedly unplugged, your existing files and data are safe, and won’t be corrupted.


When backed up with Time Machine, macOS creates “snapshots” on APFS volumes. This lets you browse through backups even when your Time Machine backup disk isn’t available. MacDrive provides access to all snapshots, letting you restore deleted or edited files from previous states.

Duplicated files

In macOS, APFS files can be instantly duplicated, without consuming additional disk space. Only MacDrive provides full read-write access to duplicated files on APFS volumes.

See the MacDrive Difference

  • Included
    APFS Features
  • Read and write APFS volumes
  • Case-senstive volumes
  • Read and write HFS+ volumes
  • APFS crash protection
  • Supports multi-volume APFS disks
  • Read/write volumes that have snapshots
  • Mount any snapshot on APFS volumes
  • APFS formatting
  • Read/write duplicated APFS file
  • Read/write files included in snapshots
  • OWC
  • Paragon Software
    APFS for Windows