MacDrive 9 Pro support

md9_proWelcome to the MacDrive Support page.

Here you can find answers to some of the most common MacDrive questions, as well as view recent changes to MacDrive. As always, if there is a question you can’t find an answer to, please drop a note to our support team.

System requirements

Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP-32bit and Server 2012, 2008 and 2003.

Version history

New:  Support for Boot Camp systems with unencrypted Core Storage Mac partitions
New: Support for disks with multiple RAID partitions

Fixed: Problem handling temp files created by some applications.

Improved: MacDrive is now much faster when creating large numbers of files.

Fixed: Under certain conditions, renaming a folder that contains a large number of files can cause a crash.

Fixed: Minor issue when creating HFSX volumes.

Fixed: Disk corruption when creating heavily fragmented volumes.

Changed: For performance reasons, preserving classic Mac information when copying between disks is now optio

Now supports Windows 8.1

Fixed: Right-clicking a drive in Windows Explorer can crash Explorer.

Fixed: In some situations, activation failures displayed an incorrect error message.

Fixed: Windows Explorer slowdown when right-clicking on a computer connected to a network but without Internet access.
Fixed: Several stability improvements to fix BSODs reported via Windows Error Reporting.
Improved: Offline activation automatically offered when encountering errors with internet activation.
Improved: Added specific dialogs for some activation scenarios, such as if attempting to activate MacDrive 9 Standard with a Pro serial number, or vice versa.
Improved: Clearer instructions in disk protection warning when reformatting a Mac disk with Windows.
Fixed: Misc. bugs.

Fixed: Disk corruption when creating millions of files.
Fixed: System freeze if the computer is restarted immediately after copying files to a Mac disk.
Fixed: Activation offers more options if automatic activation fails.
Fixed: Crash in MacDrive CD/DVD burner.
Fixed: Misc. bugs.

Fixed: Time Machine problems in Windows 8
Fixed: Potential disk corruption when creating millions of files

Fixed: Some Windows 8 Store apps are unable to access files on Mac disks
Fixed: MacDrive was unnecessarily protecting partitions on removable media disks
Improved: License activation is now more reliable

Fixed: In some situations, MacDrive won’t activate
Fixed: Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 might prevent computer from starting
Improved: Problems with activation in switching between virtual and non-virtual Windows

Fixed: On some computers, Explorer crashes when right-clicking a disk
Fixed: Problem storing VMware virtual machines on a Mac disk
Fixed: MacDrive 9 interferes with Windows Experience Index on 64-bit systems
Fixed: Some Icelandic characters don’t work in file names on Mac disks
Fixed: Some DMG images aren’t mountable with MacDrive
Fixed: Very large fragmented files are sometimes unusable (user-created QuickTime files are sometimes affected)
Fixed: System crash when using Mac volumes with names longer than 32 characters
Fixed: In rare situations, activation claims to be successful but isn’t
Improved: Simplified activation wizard
Improved: Maintaining activation after reinstalling Windows
Improved: Protects Mac disks when attempting to reformat a Mac volume in Explorer

Fixed: Potential disk corruption when hibernating Windows on a Boot Camp computer
Fixed: Some disk images (DMG files) don’t open correctly
Fixed: Some computers incorrectly show an error saying that MacDrive isn’t properly installed
Fixed: Some licenses would incorrectly become inactive, requiring reactivation
Improved: Better feedback when attempting to activate in a Guest user account

First public release.


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