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MacDrive 101: Why do I need MacDrive?

All hard drives look the same, so why can’t Windows computers read Mac-formatted drives? The question seems simple enough, but while hard drives look the same on the outside, they are very different on the inside and even utilize different file systems. What is a File System? When a hard drive is formatted, a file […]

Introducing Media SOS and the end of XPlay

We love the iPod. When the first iPod was released in 2001, it was only usable if you owned a Mac. As Windows users, we wanted it too. So we adapted our MacDrive technology to create XPlay, the very first application to bring the iPod to Windows. XPlay was a tremendous success–now everyone, Mac and […]

Go Pro with MacDrive Pro

MacDrive has become the standard for sharing Mac-formatted disks with Windows. Now, take your file sharing to the next level with MacDrive 9 Pro for Windows.

MacDrive 101: How to view a Mac hard drive from Windows

Your computer’s hard drives are like big file cabinets. They are used to store all the information on your computer, including photos, music, programs, etc. In order to keep track of all of this information, you computer needs a map of where everything is located. This “map” is called a file system. What is a […]

Introducing Ready, Aim, Drop!

Ready, Aim, Drop! is now available, making it easy to turn your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a portable hard drive. Most people bring their iDevices—iPad, iPhone and iPod touch—with them everywhere and charge and sync them with their computers. The portability of the devices make them ideal portable solutions for transferring both large […]

MacDrive user: The Baltimore Ravens

It takes more than putting athletes on the field to build a winning sports franchise. You must also put together an entertaining package that draws fans young and old. In Baltimore, they are succeeding not only on the field, but off the field with their award-winning Rave-TV. Rave-TV is the Baltimore Ravens in-house broadcasting arm […]

MacDrive user: Sumuri Forensic

Sumuri LLC opened for business to provide forensic training, services and products relating to the preservation, examination and reporting of digital evidence. Sumuri was founded by Steve Whalen, CFCE who has a wide range of experience and expertise relating to digital evidence. Whalen was co-founder of Forward Discovery, Inc., founder of Phoenix Data Group LLC, […]

XPlay 3.5.1 update is now available

What’s new in XPlay 3.5.1? Fixed: Compatibility with iTunes 9.1 Fixed: Album art changes not working reliably Fixed: Context menus in “Recent Music Purchases” don’t work Fixed: Compatibility with Windows 7 Starter Edition Fixed: “Support Information” link not working reliably Fixed: High processor usage when iTunes isn’t installed Fixed: Various connectivity issues with iPod touch […]

MacDrive 8.0.5 update is now available

What’s new in MacDrive 8.0.5? Fixed: Interaction with Mac-formatted FireWire drives on Windows 7 Fixed: Incorrect identification of CD/DVD drive when disk corruption was detected Fixed: MacDrive Disk Manager handling of hard drives greater than 4TB Fixed: Problems that occurred when changing the drive letter of a Mac-formatted hard drive Fixed: Unresponsive system after writing […]