MacDrive user: The Baltimore Ravens

It takes more than putting athletes on the field to build a winning sports franchise. You must also put together an entertaining package that draws fans young and old.

In Baltimore, they are succeeding not only on the field, but off the field with their award-winning Rave-TV.

ravenslogoRave-TV is the Baltimore Ravens in-house broadcasting arm that produces weekly shows such as the Ravens Report and Ravens Wired. The team includes director of broadcasting administration Don DiRaddo, broadcasting manager Lauryn Lukin, and production assistant Jay O’Brien. Rave-TV has won nine Emmy awards for their work.

Recently, the Ravens made a significant shift in their production workflow moving from video tapes to a tapeless recording system utilizing both PC and Mac-formatted drives. Thanks to MacDrive, this has been an easy transition.

“This season is our first utilizing tapeless media and our workflow needs to be as fast as an NFL game,” said production assistant Jay O’Brien. “We constantly use MacDrive to transfer video data between Mac & PC-formatted drives without a hitch.”

Prior to using MacDrive, workflow throughout the studio was a nightmare. Video was brought in on various drives and accessing the video was hit and miss, since the staff did not always know what format of drive they were being given. Some drives were PC and readable on the editing systems and others, Mac-formatted drives, were not accessible at all.

“With MacDrive, we don’t even have to think about how a drive is formatted, saving us time and frustration”, said O’Brien.