Introducing Media SOS and the end of XPlay

We love the iPod.

When the first iPod was released in 2001, it was only usable if you owned a Mac. As Windows users, we wanted it too. So we adapted our MacDrive technology to create XPlay, the very first application to bring the iPod to Windows.

XPlay was a tremendous success–now everyone, Mac and Windows users alike–could enjoy the iPod. Later, after Apple (finally) released iTunes for Windows, many users preferred XPlay’s more integrated approach to iPod management.

Times have changed iTunes has matured and become a great manager of your music and a very easy way to purchase content for your iOS devices. However, the explosion of affordable devices–including iPods, Android devices, smartphones, and tablets–has created an entirely new problem. While it’s easy to purchase and move content to your devices, getting that that content back to your computer is almost impossible.

What if you upgrade your phone, and you need to grab important photos from your old phone? What if your computer dies, and your phone or tablet has the only remaining copy of your purchased music?

Enter Media SOS We listened to you, our customer, and created Media SOS–the easiest way to copy music, photos and videos from your phone, tablets, and other portable devices. Media SOS just asks a couple of simple questions–in three easy steps, your content is safely back on your computer.

We also made Media SOS smart–it automatically skips content that’s already on your computer, so you don’t end up with duplicates. Media SOS even digs deep into your device and finds lost music that you might not even know is there.

We’re proud of Media SOS. As XPlay moves aside for Media SOS, we continue our tradition of creating incredibly easy-to-use software that solves real-world problems. Our team works hard, so you don’t have to.