Introducing Ready, Aim, Drop!

Ready, Aim, Drop! is now available, making it easy to turn your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a portable hard drive.

Most people bring their iDevices—iPad, iPhone and iPod touch—with them everywhere and charge and sync them with their computers. The portability of the devices make them ideal portable solutions for transferring both large and small files. With Ready, Aim, Drop!, transferring data files is now painless.

[frame_right][/frame_right] With Ready, Aim, Drop! installed on your Windows computer, a “Target” icon appears on your desktop giving you the ability to easily transfer files to your iDevice. Simply drag files onto the target icon and they are transferred. If multiple devices are attached, Ready, Aim, Drop! allows you to copy files to each specific device.

In addition, your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch will show up as a drive in Explorer making it easy to open, copy and delete files on your device.

“We wanted to make it extremely simple to move files on and off your iPad and iPhone,” said Rick Rockhold, Mediafour CEO. “Why carry a thumb drive or external hard drive? Your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch can replace those and Ready, Aim, Drop! makes it extremely easy.”

Ready, Aim, Drop! is available now at for $9.99 for two licenses or $14.99 for five licenses. A fully functional 10-day trial version is also available. Upon expiration, the trial version can still be used in reader-mode, enabling you to view files on your device, copy files off and delete files.