MacDrive 101: How to view a Mac hard drive from Windows

md9_100Your computer’s hard drives are like big file cabinets. They are used to store all the information on your computer, including photos, music, programs, etc. In order to keep track of all of this information, you computer needs a map of where everything is located. This “map” is called a file system.

What is a file system? Do I need one? There are many types of file systems. While they all serve the same basic purpose, they do it in different ways. In order for your computer to use a particular hard drive, it must understand the file system used on that drive.

The two most common file systems understood by Windows computers are called NTFS and FAT32. The Mac uses a very different file system, called HFS+. Unfortunately, Windows does not understand the HFS+ file system.

MacDrive to the rescue MacDrive makes your Windows computer smarter by teaching it to understand the Mac’s file system. Once installed, MacDrive gives you full access to your Mac disks from anywhere in Windows. You can see all of your files, and work with them directly from your Windows programs. You can even save them right back to the Mac disk. You don’t need to turn anything on or learn anything new–MacDrive works invisibly in the background, and is there when you need it.

It really is that simple. MacDrive just makes your Windows computer a little smarter.

You can try MacDrive for free or purchase a copy at the OWC Software Store.

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