Announcing MacDrive 11 Standard and Pro

Full APFS Support, Unleashes Most Complete Tool for Access of Mac Disks on Windows PCs

WOODSTOCK, IL (June 29, 2023) – Other World Computing® – The leading end-to-end ecosystem solution provider of computer hardware, accessories, and software for both consumers and professionals – today announced the release of MacDrive 11 with full APFS support, making it the most complete single solution for seamlessly accessing Mac-formatted drives and media on a Windows PC. Along with complete access, MacDrive 11 performs more than 40% faster than other available solutions – all while protecting your data from failure.

For over 25 years, MacDrive has been the industry standard for reading, writing and managing HFS+ Mac disks in Windows. MacDrive 11 builds on this strong tradition by adding unmatched support for APFS disks with full read and write access, and protections not available in any other solution. MacDrive is the most robust, most advanced utility enabling users to share drives between Macs and PCs. MacDrive 11 comes in two variations; Standard to access almost any APFS or HFS+ formatted Mac drive, and Pro with advanced disk support for OWC’s SoftRAID and Apple RAID 0/1 volumes.

MacDrive 11 APFS Functionality Highlights:

  • Read and write: MacDrive 11 is the only solution that provides full read-and-write support for APFS volumes–even if the volume has duplicated files or has been backed up by Time Machine.
  • Crash Protection: Unlike other solutions, if an APFS disk is unexpectedly unplugged, existing files and data are safe, and won’t be corrupted.
  • Multi-volume disks: APFS allows users to create multiple volumes in a single partition and share free space between volumes. Only MacDrive lets user effortlessly switch between volumes to access all of their data.
  • Formatting: Don’t have a Mac, but want to share files with someone that does? MacDrive enables the creation APFS and HFS+ volumes right on a PC.
  • Snapshots: When backed up with Time Machine, macOS creates “snapshots” on APFS volumes. MacDrive provides access to all snapshots, letting users restore deleted or edited files from previous states, even when a Time Machine backup isn’t available.
  • Duplicated files: In macOS, APFS files can be instantly duplicated, without consuming additional disk space. Only MacDrive provides full read-write access to duplicated files on APFS volumes.
  • Make Windows Smarter
    Once installed, MacDrive 11 makes Windows “Mac aware” by enabling PCs to read and write Mac disks just like PC disks. There is nothing to launch or learn; simply connect a Mac disk and access almost any hard drives, SSDs (solid state drives), CDs, DVDs, floppies, and more.

    Additional MacDrive 11 Features:

  • Full circle compatibility: Streamline editing and collaboration processes by sharing Mac disks with Windows users as well as formatting Mac disks direct from a PC for true cross-platform workflows.
  • Repair Mac disks: MacDrive’s Disk Repair feature will automatically detect issues with Mac disks and will fix common errors on disks (HFS+ only).
  • Time Machine backups: Browse through Time Machine backups as well as copy those files and folders to a Windows PC.
  • Native or virtual: Works with Apple’s Boot Camp utility and virtualization software like VMware Fusion or Parallels.
  • File defragmentation: Improve disk performance with automatic file defragmentation and optimization (HFS+ only).
  • Read-only option: “Read Only” mode is perfect for forensic specialists and law enforcement to prevent changes to disks.
  • Pricing & Availability:
    MacDrive 11 Standard is available today for $49.99 and MacDrive 11 Pro is available today for $69.99.

    Purchase a new license or upgrade a previous version on the OWC Software Store. A free, fully functional 5-day MacDrive 11 trial is also available.

    Users currently accessing Mac disks on a Windows PC with a different software utility can switch to MacDrive for a discounted price. To qualify for the MacDrive cross-grade, please visit the MacDrive Cross-Grade page.

    MacDrive 11 Pro works with Windows 11/10 and Windows Server 2022/2019. MacDrive is licensed per computer, additional discounted seat purchases are available.

    Announcing APFS support with MacDrive 10.5

    We are excited to announce MacDrive 10.5, with support for Apple’s new file system, APFS!

    MacDrive 10.5 APFS (beta), available October 12, 2017, adds the ability to read disks formatted with Apple’s new file system, APFS. With MacDrive 10.5, your APFS disks appear in Windows with their own drive letter, allowing you to read files directly using your favorite Windows apps, as well as copy files from the disk to your PC. APFS support will be released as a public beta, as we continue to test and improve its implementation.

    What is APFS?

    For almost 20 years, HFS+ has been the standard file system used on all Macs. With the release of High Sierra, Apple is moving to a new file system, APFS. The new APFS architecture provides a foundation for the latest storage devices and adds features such as cloning, snapshots, crash protection, space sharing and more. APFS is available for all Macs with SSD drives. Support for Fusion and HDD Macs has not been announced.

    APFS write support

    Keeping your data safe and secure is important–because APFS is new and undocumented, MacDrive 10.5 doesn’t let you make changes to APFS disks. We’ll continue to research adding write support for APFS– sign up for Mediafour News to keep up with the latest news and developments.

    MacDrive update is now available

    We a pleased to announce the release of MacDrive This update adds support for Server 2016 and various bug fixes.

    You can download the update to MacDrive 10 Standard and Pro here:

    Also, if you haven’t upgraded from a older version of MacDrive, we do offer discounts for previous version. Please visit the OWC Software store to see your upgrade options.

    MacDrive update is now available

    What’s new in MacDrive

    Fixed: System crash when trying to mount a corrupt volume.
    Fixed: Mounting Mac OS partitions on Boot Camp systems in some situations

    MacDrive 10.2.4 update is now available

    What’s new in MacDrive 10.2.4?

    Added: Ability to manipulate Windows partitions on mixed-partition disks in Windows Disk Manager
    Added: Ability to delete Mac partitions in Windows Disk Manager (GPT and MBR partitions only)

    MacDrive 10.2.0 update is now available

    What’s new in MacDrive 10.2.0?

    Added Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.
    Fixed issues that could cause main window to crash

    MacDrive update is now available

    What’s new in MacDrive

    Added: Disk Aware is now built-in to MacDrive—a separate install and license is not needed.
    Fixed: On some systems, MacDrive main window crashes when starting.
    Fixed: System hang when coping folders that originated in a Dropbox folder.

    MacDrive update is now available

    What’s new in MacDrive
    • Added: Support for RAID disks with 4K sectors
    • Added: MacDrive now gives more information about unusable disks
    • Added: Better error recovery
    • Fixed: Reformatting a disk doesn’t refresh the MacDrive window

    Service after the sale

    supportA lot of companies promise to be there after the sale, but when you need support for a product you purchased they disappear. At Mediafour we look at support a little bit differently. If you are having an issue with our software, then it isn’t your problem, it’s ours.

    Take a look at our March Support Snapshot….

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