Service after the sale


A lot of companies promise to be there after the sale, but when you need support for a product you purchased they disappear. At Mediafour we look at support a little bit differently. If you are having an issue with our software, then it isn’t your problem, it’s ours. 

We are computer users too–we know the frustration of asking for help and waiting…..and waiting…..and waiting. You have a question and need help now. We understand and work hard to answer questions and concerns as quickly as possible.

Here is a look at our March support numbers:


March Support Snapshot


Support tickets

That is a pretty typical month for support tickets.

4.6 hrs

Average time for the first respond to a support ticket


Support tickets
answered in the 1st hour


Answered in the first 8 hours



Our first reply time is 14.7 hours shorter than the industry average.
Times include non-business hours!



One-touch Resolution


This Month


The percentage of tickets resolved in one response to the customer. 
That is 36.2% higher than the industry average


Everyone at Mediafour has a stake in support. From our HR/Accounting/Den Mother Krista to our CEO/President Rick – you never know who is going to answer your question, but you know you will get an answer.

So rest assured, if you need us, we’re here to help.