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In some cases, you may wish to deactivate your MacDrive installation — to unlicense MacDrive and make the license available to be used again.  This is particularly useful if you wish to migrate your MacDrive installation to a different computer, or if you’re planning to make major changes (such as hardware changes) that may affect your license.  There are two methods that you can use to deactivate MacDrive.

Deactivating without uninstalling: In MacDrive, you can also deactivate without uninstalling by going to Start > All Programs > MacDrive > Deactivate MacDrive.  This requires an Internet connection.  MacDrive Quick Start also enables you to select Deactivate MacDrive.

During uninstall: MacDrive, if activated through the Internet, automatically deactivates during normal uninstallation in the Control Panel.  No special steps are required.  If no Internet connection is available, the installation will proceed without deactivating MacDrive.

Regardless of which method you use, please be sure to take note of your serial number before uninstalling if you do not have it recorded in another location. Serial numbers can be accessed through Start > All Programs > MacDrive > Help and Support > MacDrive Support Information.  If you purchased MacDrive as a download from, your serial number will also be on your Order Confirmation email.

If you have trouble activating MacDrive again, please continue to our Knowledgebase article regarding Mediafour software activation problems.

Prior versions

MacDrive 8

All versions of MacDrive 8 will attempt to deactivate when uninstalling the software.  MacDrive 8.0.6 and 8.0.7 will additionally have the option in the Start menu to deactivate under Start > All Programs > MacDrive 8.  To deactivate in MacDrive 8, the activation must have been originally done through automatic Internet activation for automatic deactivation to be possible. Please contact us for assistance.

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